Activated listing too soon (should be Coming Soon)


Scenario: You're working on a Draft listing for a property that is supposed to come on the MLS as Coming Soon and one of the following happens:

  • When you're done entering the listing and want to save it to the MLS as Coming Soon, you click Validate for Publishing. However, instead of saving as Coming Soon, it saves the listing as Active.


  • Instead of clicking Save Draft to save your work and keep the listing in Draft status, you accidentally click Validate for Publishing and now your listing is showing as Active.

Both of these situations happen if you have set the Activation Status as Active instead of Coming Soon. Click here for a refresher about the Activation Status field. 



The more pressing issue, though, is what should you do? Your listing contract with the seller specifies that the listing must begin its life on the MLS as Coming Soon, not Active. How can you fix it so you are adhering to your contract?


First and foremost, don't panic! These types of mistakes happen all the time, and SmartMLS is here to help you. 

Your first inclination might be to mark the listing TEMP or WITH so it is not showing on the MLS as an active listing before it should. This might be a good idea if the mistake has occurred outside of SmartMLS office hours and we won't be available to help you for many hours or until the next day.

However, if the mistake happens during our business hours, it is best to leave the listing alone and immediately reach out to SmartMLS support. This is the preferred response, if possible.

SmartMLS staff have a tool that allows us to bring the listing back from Active to Coming Soon. After we hear from you, we can bring the listing back to the Coming Soon status (or as a Draft, if you were not ready to save the listing as Coming Soon just yet). 

After doing so, the listing will appear as Coming Soon within the MLS. On detailed reports (such as the Full Detail) you may actually see both Coming Soon and New on the listing:



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