Square footage guidelines when entering a listing


When entering a listing, the square footage amount is automatically pulled from the tax record. In addition, connectMLS gives you the ability to manually enter data in two different square footage fields: Estimated Above Grade Heated Square Feet and Estimated Below Grade Heated Square Feet. These fields are meant to show the amount of square footage above or below grade. To provide users a point of reference, we display the square footage information from public records right beneath the fields where you manually enter the living area square footage (on the Structural tab in Add/Edit):

In the image above, the pink fields are those where the user manually enters the property's square footage information. The orange fields are autopopulated from the tax record (notice that the fields themselves are greyed out, which prevents the user from editing or removing data that fills in from tax records).

If you enter information that differs from the square footage amount that is on the tax record, a new field (SQFT Description) will appear on the input form that allows you to explain why there is a difference:




Our compliance team will review the information and reach out to you if we need any additional information.


The Gross Living Area of residential dwellings is a combination of above grade and below grade areas.

  • Above Grade is defined as space on any level of a dwelling which has living area and no earth adjacent to any exterior wall on that level. Space that is at or on grade is considered above grade and should be included in the above grade square footage.
  • Below Grade is space on any level which has living area, is accessible by interior stairs and has earth adjacent to any exterior wall on that level. If earth is adjacent to any portion of any wall on that level, the entire level is considered below grade and all square footage on that level is considered below grade. Walkouts and exposed basements should be included as FINISHED below grade square footage. 

The total living area on listings within the MLS is a combination of the values that have been entered into the Estimated Above Grade Heated Square Feet and Estimated Below Grade Heated Square Feet fields.


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