Print or email a Draft listing


If you have saved a listing as a Draft and would like to print or email it to the seller so they can see what the listing will look like when it is published, go to the Transactions icon:




Use the drop-down menu in the upper left to select Draft/Partial Listing:




Locate the desired listing, put a check in the check box on the left and click Email:




Click Send one-time email:




Make sure to choose Full Detail (or Full Detail w/Photos) if you want the seller to see the listing exactly as other agents will see it on the MLS:




Technically, you could send it to the client in the normal fashion (instead of clicking one-time email), but that will not allow them to see the property the same way other agents will (Full Detail). The client will see the listing in the portal views, which are different than the reports that agents see when they are logged into Connect.



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