Other agent's listings appear in My Transactions


If you go to My Transactions and see another agent's listing, don't panic! This is actually a good thing.

The My Transactions section is designed to give agents visibility of (and access to) all transactions they are involved in, regardless of which side they are on. Not only can you see all of your listings (where you are the list or co-list agent), you can also see all UC-CTS and UC listings where you are on the buyer side (you are the selling or co-selling agent):



The image above is an example of how an agent can see other agents' listings in addition to their own within the My Transactions section. The pink highlight shows the listing where the agent is the list agent. The orange highlight shows listings where the agent is on the buy side of the transaction (it also shows who the list agent is). 


You will be able to edit the details or statuses of any listings where you are list/co-list agent, but you will never be able to edit the details or statuses of any listings where you are the selling/co-selling agent. 


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