Client opted out but their auto search is still active


When a client opts out of connectMLS auto emails, the client's account is set to inactive and the auto email is deactivated so no more emails will be sent to them.

It is possible, however, that a client's auto email can be flagged as opted out but their account and its associated searches are still active. This happens when the client is associated with more than one SmartMLS agent in the system and has opted out from one of the agents' emails. The client will show as Inactive and their search(es) will be disabled from the agent they opted out from. Within the dashboard of the other agent (where they did not opt out), their email will show as opted out but their status will show as Active. 

The client's current agent should reach out to the client (outside of Connect) and confirm their desire to receive (or not receive) emails and communications from connectMLS.

  • If they wish to receive emails from Connect, the agent can reinstate the client by clicking the Click here to restore link beneath the red opt out messasge on the client's account. If this occurs, the client's account and saved searches on their old agent's dashboard will remain inactive (it just activates them for their current agent).

  • If the client does not want to receive emails from either agent, their current agent should set the client's status to Inactive and disable any associated auto emails.




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