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Q: Why is there Teams functionality in connectMLS?

A: Every listing in the MLS must display the name of a licensed Real Estate agent as the list/co-list or sales/co-sales agent. A Team is not an individual person or an MLS ID, nor does it carry a Real Estate license. With our Teams setup, we have found a way to display the name of the Team as well as the licensed Real Estate agent that is servicing the listing as the list/co-list and sales/co-sales agents while still giving the Team their due credit on transactions.

Additionally, Market Reports (Ranking Report, Agent Production Detail, etc.) have been added to the system to allow users to get more accurate Agent-Agent, Agent-Team, or Team-Team comparisons. 
Here is an example of a Ranking Report search (please note the Report Type field- that is where you choose the type of comparison the report will make):





Q: When entering a listing (or marking it UC-CTS/Under Contract/Closed), I used to be able to enter my Team ID as the list/co-list or sales/co-sales agent. Can I still do that now?

A: No. With the new Teams functionality, you can no longer enter a Team ID as a list/co-list or sales/co-sales agent. Going forward, you must enter the individual agent’s ID and as the list/co-list or sales/co-sales agent, as well as your Team#. This is vital because it is the piece that connects the agent to the Team, ensuring both get credit.


There is a separate field for you to enter the Team# (if the agent is a member of a Team). You have to do this manually- Connect will not automatically add the Team#, even if you have entered an agent ID that is a member of a Team. When you save your work, both the agent and Team will appear on the listing, so everyone is getting their due credit.


This must also be done on the selling side of a transaction when marking a listing UC-CTS, Under Contract or Closed. 


Click here for instructions on searching for a Team#.



Q: How are a Team’s listings modified?

A: As usual, listings can be modified by the individual list or co-list agent, as well as the office’s Broker, Manager or Admins.

Additionally, the Team Leader has access to modify any of the Team’s listings.

Q: I am the Team Leader- how do I view my Team’s listings?

A: If you are the designated Team Leader, you may access your Team’s listings directly from the Market Activity widget on the Connect homepage:



For UC-CTS and UC listings, you will be able to see listings where your team is on either side of the transaction.

Q: I am a Team member (but not the Team Leader). Can I see all the Team’s listings?

A: You can access any of the Team’s listings where you are either the list or co-list agent directly through the Market Activity widget on your Connect homepage (even those UC-CTS and UC listings where you are not personally involved in the transaction):





Q: How can I change the Team Leader of my Team?

A: This is a change that can only be made by SmartMLS staff. In order to change the Team Leader, the Team Authorization form needs to be completed with the new Leader’s information, signed by the Broker and new Team Leader and emailed to .



Q: How do I modify my Team’s roster?

A: All management of the team (adding/deleting team members, etc.) is done solely by SmartMLS staff. If you need to make any changes to your Team, please have the Team Leader contact our Membership department.



Q: How do I modify my Team's name?

A: Only SmartMLS staff has the ability to change a Team's name. If you need to make a change to the name of your Team, please contact the SmartMLS office and speak to someone in the Membership group.



Q: How can a Team member access my listings in ShowingTime?

A: If you would like a Team member to be able to access your listing in ShowingTime (and get showing requests, notifications, etc.), you can add them as a co-list agent on the listing within ShowingTime (note: this is completely separate from a co-list agent on the listing in connectMLS).

Click here for instructions.


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