Walk Score


Walkscore measures the walkability of an address, based on proximity to local amenities. It is a program that determines, on a scale of 0-100, how easy it is to complete daily activities and reach local amenities on foot. The higher the Walkscore, the closer local amenities are:



The Walkscore appears at the bottom of the Property Information section on the Full Detail and Full Detail w/Photos reports (both agent and client versions):




It also displays underneath the photo and map on the Full and Full- Classic reports (both agent and client versions):




There may be some listings where, instead of displaying the Walk Score number, it displays a Get More Info link:



This does not mean there is a problem with the Walk Score report, or that there is no report. It occurs when the Walk Score report takes a significant amount of time to load. It is designed to prevent the Walk Score report from slowing down the display of the listing within connectMLS.

If you encounter this on a listing, simply click the Get More Info link and the Walk Score report will display the same as it would if the Walk Score number were displaying.


When you email a client a listing, there are two different places on the detailed report where the Walk Score appears. 

It appears underneath the photo (towards the top of the report):




It also appears in the Additional Info section towards the bottom of the report (above the attached documents section):


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