Agent Production Detail report


The Agent Production Detail report is a great way to gain some insight into the closed sales production for an agent, office or organization over a specific period of time. You can run this report for yourself (or your own office/firm) or for another SmartMLS agent/office/firm.

Go to the Reports menu and select Agent Production Detail:




The search screen is pretty basic, but it provides all the fields you need to quickly access the relevant information:




The Report Type field is where you define the subject of the report (are you running it for yourself, your office or firm, or for another agent/office/firm?).

  • The top 3 radio buttons allow you to choose yourself, your office or your entire organization.
  • If you're running this report for another agent, office or organization, use the second set of radio buttons. You will need to enter the specific ID(s) of your subject. 
    Eventually there will be lookup icons for the agent and office ID fields. Until then, you might want to take advantage of the New Workspace feature to search for these IDs. Click here for more information on using multiple workspaces.

After entering any other pertinent search criteria (property type, date range, etc.), click Generate Report.



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