Adding Teams to Closed listings


We have received a number of inquiries requesting that a Team ID be added to the sales side of closed listings. Before SmartMLS can add a Team ID to a listing, SmartMLS staff is required to check DCP to make sure that the agent is a registered member of the team on DCP at the time of the request and verify that the member is listed on the team in Connect.

If a request comes in and the team member is not listed on DCP, SmartMLS will not add that Team ID to the closed listings, even if the agent is added after the fact.

SmartMLS timestamps the records from DCP showing the full list of agents registered with any team. Any agent added to the team after the listing has closed in SmartMLS will not qualify to have the TEAM ID added to those closed listings as the agent was not a registered member of the team on DCP prior to the listing closing.

Please make sure you are keeping track of the members on your team. All members must be registered with the DCP and be active members of SmartMLS. To add or remove members to a team in Connect, please reach out to our Membership Team directly at 203.750.6000, option 2.

For more information on teams and to register team members with the state, please reach out to DCP directly or click the following link.



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