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The Style field can be very helpful when trying to narrow the focus of your search in connectMLS. It appears by default on the SF & CO, Residential Rental and Multi-Family for Sale search screens.

Style is a multi-select field- meaning you can choose more than one option within the field during your search. You simply go down the alphabetized list and click the styles you'd like to include:




When selecting the desired styles, you do not need to hold down the CTRL key (or Command on a Mac) on your keyboard- just click the ones you want to use.

There is a known issue with the Style field where you get an error if you select more than 16 styles from the list.

If you are trying to do a search that includes more than 16 styles, the way to bypass this limitation is to turn on Advanced Options in the bottom left corner of the search screen:




After you enable Advanced Options, use the Must NOT have any field to enter the styles that you do not want to use in your search.

That will bypass the limitation and still allow you to get the same search results.


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