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The SmartMLS Compliance Department receives quite a few inquiries regarding yard signs (For Sale, Sold, Brokerage signs, etc.) and rules surrounding their proper usage.  

Signs should not be installed on the property until the listing has been entered in connectMLS as either Coming Soon or Active. If you are unsure of the date your office's sign company will be able to install the sign, it is best to have the listing ready to go in Connect (saved as a Draft) and then activate the listing as soon as the sign is up.

  • No signs (or any other advertisement) are permitted before the listing is entered into Connect.

  • If the listing is not being actively shown or marketed, it cannot have a yard sign.  

  • If a sign is installed early (before the listing is saved as Active or Coming Soon on the MLS), you must either cover or remove the placard. 


Article 6 of the SmartMLS Rules and Regulations deals with the types of signs that are permissible:
Section 6.2 “For Sale” Signs: Only the “For Sale” signs of the Listing Broker may be placed on a Listed Property.

Section 6.3 “Sold” Signs: Prior to the closing of a sale of a Listed Property, only the “sold” sign of the Listing Broker may be placed on the Listed Property, except that, if authorized by the Listing Broker, the “sold “sign of a Cooperating Broker may also be placed on the Listed Property.


What kinds of listings can have signs? 

  • Traditional available for sale listings can have a For Sale sign placed in front of them.
  • Properly documented Coming Soon or Withhold from MLS listings can have a For Sale sign. 
  • Coming Soon listings do not require a Coming Soon rider.
  • Delayed entry listings cannot have any sign whatsoever.
  • REO Properties- while in preparation for coming to market, these listings may require ”In Case of Emergency” contact information to be placed in a visible spot on the property. These small signs are allowed, but they cannot advertise any agent/office information. The only permissible information is a phone number to contact if an emergency arises. 


Why can’t my office sign show in the photos I have uploaded to my listing?

Photos that display any type of office/agent/team signage are not allowed in the MLS. This type of marketing is considered to be branding, which is strictly prohibited by SmartMLS. For more details about this policy, please see Article 4.1.7 of our Rules and Regulations.


Please note: while many of these guidelines are directly from SmartMLS Rules and Regulations and/or Standards of Practices, others are local zoning regulations over which we have no control. Always check with your local Town Hall/Zoning Department for the final word when it comes to sign placement, size, wording, etc.

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