CT Mil Rates and Reassessment Information


Below is an alphabetical list of all Towns and tax districts legally recognized by the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office and the corresponding Last Year Reassessed. This spreadsheet contains data for the current tax year as well as the previous tax year. You can search this document by holding down CRTL + F key (Command + F key on a Mac) and entering the name of the Town, Borough or Village you are searching for.

The spreadsheet below will be refreshed as we receive assessor updates.

  • Figures in RED are accurate but have not yet been updated in the SmartMLS.
  • “No Update Received” indicates the SmartMLS did not receive the town’s updated files that year.


NOTICE: The public records information contained herein is provided AS IS, without any warranty or guarantee as to its accuracy. Neither the data provider nor the SMARTMLS, Inc. shall be liable for the accuracy or utilization of such data. 


The image below is a static image of the first page of this 17 page spreadsheet. You can download the entire spreadsheet by clicking the image. The spreadsheet is also attached to this article.


Click the image below to download the full 2023-2024 spreadsheet:





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