Free form fields in listings


Free form fields in the connectMLS database allow you to input any letter, number, punctuation mark or other character. You are not limited to choose from a list of pre-determined options.

  • SmartMLS reserves the right to edit listing data entered in free form field like Public Remarks, Agent Remarks, Showing Instructions, etc. (Rules and Regulations, Section 4.1.7)

  • Information entered in free form fields must not violate the Fair Housing Act, any federal or state regulatory guideline, any applicable law or any article or standard of practice in the NAR code of ethics. 
  • Public Remarks: this field should be used to provide a description of the listed property. Public Remarks appear on most MLS listing displays as well as 3rd party websites (such as IDX websites,, etc). 

  • Agent Remarks: this field should be used to provide additional information to other Real Estate agents. Agent Remarks do not appear on any customer-facing reports. Agent Remarks are not included in IDX data, nor are they included in data licensed for display on other real estate related websites like brokerage websites,, etc. 

  • Showing Instructions: while intended primarily for the labeled purpose, the Showing Instructions field may also include information intended for and relevant to showing the property.


Public Remarks- More Information:

In addition to a description of the property, the following information may appear in the Public Remarks fields:

  • General statements that more information about the property is available.


The following types of information MAY NOT appear in the Public Remarks field:

  • The address or specific location of the listed property.
  • Reference or recommendation to use a specific brokerage or agent for any reason.
  • The names or contact information of the list office, list agent(s), co-list agent(s), seller(s), or any other person or entity involved in the sale or marketing of the property.
  • Information about the compensation offered other Participants for their cooperation in the sale of the property.
  • Information or details about the agency or non-agency relationship that exists between the listing Participant and the seller of the listed property.
  • Information about how to schedule an appointment to see the listed property, who to call, the phone number to call, or the description or address of any alternative appointment scheduling method, including Open House information (the Showing InstructionsOffice Phone Number, Appointment Phone Number and Agent Remarks fields are provided for this purpose).

Agent Remarks- More Information:

Information entered into this field must be relevant to the sale, lease or marketing of the listed property. The Agent Remarks field may include information about compensation offered other MLS Participants or instructions or remarks intended for cooperating brokers only. Information entered in this field may not violate the Federal Fair Housing Act, any federal or state regulatory guideline, any applicable law, any Article or Standard of Practice in the NAR Code of Ethics or Smart MLS Rules.


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