Listing Date vs Expected Active Date


There are three date fields to complete when entering a Coming Soon listing:

  1. Listing Date (also known as Listing Contract Date)
  2. Expected Active Date
  3. Expiration Date

This article deals with the first two- Listing Date and Expected Active Date:




Listing Date is the date you have an official, fully executed listing agreement (signatures by all parties).
Note: If you are going from a Delayed Listing to a Coming Soon listing, the Listing Date should be the date the listing is going to start being marketed as a Coming Soon listing (the date you save the listing as Coming Soon within connectMLS).

Expected Active Date is the date the seller wants the listing to change from Coming Soon to Active. This change is automatically performed by the Connect system shortly after midnight on the specified date.

*** The Expected Active Date cannot be more than 14 days from the Listing Date. No exceptions ***

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