Listing a property under multiple property types


If you are listing a property on the MLS that can appropriately be listed under more than one property type, you may enter it on connectMLS under multiple property types.

Situations for listing more than one time:

    1. PUD / Condo / Single Family*

    2. Separate and package situations

    3. Access from another town

Each listing for the property will have its own unique list number.

You must cross reference any other iterations of the listing by entering the other list number(s) in the Related MLS Number field (on the Additional Info tab during listing input). This field is not required during input, but is the proper place for you to reference another instance of the listing. Additionally, you may use the Agent Remarks section of each listing for this purpose. 

You must also upload the listing agreement (the same one you uploaded for the original listing) for each listing you enter for the property. You should not have a different listing agreement for each listing for the property.

If you are listing under a different property type after the original listing has been on for a while, please contact SmartMLS once the listing is active and documents are uploaded so we can adjust the list date so it matches the original listing.


*The only time a Condo should also be listed as a Single Family is when it is a PUD or a detached home with common land in an association.


During the life cycle of the listing, please remember to update all iterations of the listing when you make a status change. For instance, when you have an accepted offer and mark one of the listings Under Contract- Continue to Show (UC-CTS) or Under Contract (UC), please make sure to change all versions of the listing to UC-CTS or UC.

Once title passes, close out the appropriate listing (do not close all of them) and then contact the SmartMLS office so we can delete the other instance(s) of this listing.

Please do not just cancel the other instance(s) of the listing- that is not the proper thing to do and only serves to skew statistics for all Connect users. 

Please contact the SmartMLS office if you have any questions about this.



Per SmartMLS Rules & Regulations:
Section 4.12 Listing Properties in More Than One Category. A Listing may be added to the Service Compilation in more than one (1) property category only if each and every entry cross references the MLS Number(s) of the other entry or entries via the Remarks field. The sale of a property which is in more than one category will only be reported in one category and additional entries will be withdrawn from the Service.


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