Change Draft listing to Active


*** Before you are able to activate a Draft listing, you must first upload your Listing Agreement (or Listing Agreement Compliance Certification) paperwork as a Private- Listing Contract supplement type. ***



Click the Transactions icon in the upper right:




Use first drop-down menu to select Draft/Partial Listing:




Locate the desired Draft listing and click the Edit icon 2023-10-04_11-32-44.jpgon the right side of the screen.

That brings you directly into the listing input form.

On the Contract tab, look inside the grey Basic Listing Information box and double check that the Activation Status is set correctly (this is what determines the listing's status when it is published (activated) on the MLS:




If it is set to the wrong activation status, use the orange pencil icon in the upper left corner of the grey box to choose the correct status (then click Save Changes in the upper right).


After you've confirmed that the activation status is correct, click the Validate button in the upper right to make sure there are no issues with any of the fields (you have not missed any required fields, you have not entered too many options in any fields, etc.). If there are any problems, you will alerted to the exact location and nature of the issue:



Errors must be fixed before you will be able to activate the listing.

Warnings will not prevent you from activating the listing, but you will most likely receive a follow up from our Compliance department regarding any unresolved warnings. Please do not ignore Compliance emails- doing so can lead to fines (and potentially worse situations).


After you address any tabs/fields that are problematic, click Validate again to ensure that you don't have any other Errors/Warnings. If there are no more, click the Publish button.


You will then see the following window that confirms your listing has been successfully validated:



Put a check in the box (I have reviewed all information on this listing for accuracy and completeness) and click the Publish Listing button in the upper right. You should then see this screen:



At this point, your Draft listing is now published as Active and all SmartMLS users and their clients can see it (unless you saved it as Withhold from MLS).

You are all set!

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