Search through your clients (Quick Filter)


To see a list of all the clients you have added to connectMLS, click the Clients icon in the upper right corner:




When your client list opens, it will be sorted alphabetically by last name. If this default sort order does not work for you, there are a couple of ways for you to sort through your clients:

  • You can use the alphabet bar that runs across the top of the list to choose the letter your client's last name starts with:

  • You can use any of the column headers to re-sort your client list. This could be helpful, for instance, if you wanted to group all your buyers together. You could just click on the word Type at the top of the column to group all buyers, clients, investors, sellers, tenants, etc. together.


There is also a Quick Filter button in the top left corner that opens up an advanced search window:




When you first open Quick Filter, you can search through your client list based on first name, last name, email address, public ID, status or type:



For the fields that allow you to enter text (last name, email, etc.), you can enter partial words or strings of characters. For instance, if you know the client has a z in their last name, you can just enter z in the Last Name field and, after you click the Search button in the upper right, it will display any clients that have the letter z anywhere in their last name.

If you were looking for a contact and you recall that they were at a gmail address, just enter gmail in the E-mail field and all of your contacts with gmail addresses will display.

You can also use a combination of fields to make your search more granular. For instance, put a check in the Active box (in Client Status) and a check in the Buyer box (in Client Type) to find all of your currently active buyer clients.


If the fields on this screen are not enough, click the More Fields drop-down at the bottom of the window to access several other fields you can use to filter through your clients list:






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