Weird characters in email


If you encounter strange symbols in an email you have sent (or received) from connectMLS, it is very likely caused by using non-standard characters within a text editor:




Some text editors (such as MS Word) automatically replace some punctuation (such as apostrophes and quotation marks) with non-standard or custom characters that look virtually the same but cannot always be decoded or interpreted correctly by many programs, particularly web based ones such as connectMLS.

This behavior can also originate from some custom text/language add-ons for computers or mobile devices.
It generally happens either when copying and pasting text from a separate text editor that uses non-standard punctuation characters or when sending a message from a device that uses a text pack/add-on that uses non-standard punctuation characters.
Whether those non-standard characters display unconventionally on the recipient's end can also depend on what they are using to view the email and whether it has the ability to decode and display those non-standard characters.

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