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When you are looking at listings in connectMLS, you'll find that we use abbreviations in some fields. Screen/page space on reports is a valuable commodity, so we use abbreviations to conserve space and provide room for additional property information.

There are abbreviations that represent different statuses, property/sub-property types, status changes, etc. The abbreviations you encounter depend on the type of search you are in and/or the report you are viewing.

We have created this article as a resource for explaining the abbreviations you may run into while on the MLS.


Hotsheet abbreviations

One of the places you will find abbreviations is within a Hotsheet report. There are a couple fields on the report that can contain abbreviations or symbols:




You will find some abbreviations in the Last Change Type field (in pink above):

  • CLSD= the listing was changed from Under Contract (UC) to Closed.
  • CS= the listing is in the Coming Soon status.
  • UC= the listing is in the Under Contract status.
  • UC-CTS= the listing is in the Under Contract- Continue to Show status.

There are also symbols in the List Price column (in orange above):

  • 2023-07-17_14-25-41.jpg The green N represents a New listing (it has been on the MLS for less than 14 days).
  • 2023-07-17_14-25-19.jpg The green B represents a listing that has been brought Back on Market.
  • 2023-07-17_14-24-43.jpg The red down arrow means the list price has been decreased.
  • 2023-07-17_14-27-48.jpg The blue up arrow means the list price has been increased.



Abbreviations on the List View (single line) report

The Property Type (Prop Type) field on the List View report is another area where you will see abbreviations. This field is designed to display the listing's property type and sub-property type (when applicable):




Here is a complete list of our property types and their abbreviated forms:

  • SF= Single Family
  • CN/CO= Condo/Co-Op
  • MF= Multi-Family
  • RN= Residental Rental 
  • LN= Lots and Land
  • BU= Business for Sale 
  • CL= Commercial Lease
  • CI= Commercial Sale 


Property types can be further divided into sub-property types:

  • 2F= Two Family
  • 3F= Three Family
  • 4F= Four Family
  • CP= Cooperative for Sale
  • RN/SF= Single Family Rental
  • RN/CO= Condo Rental
  • RN/MF= Multi-Family Rental
  • RN/OT= Residential Rental (no sub-property type)
  • LN/AG- Agricultural Land for Sale
  • LN/CM= Commercial Land for Sale
  • LN/IN= Industrial Land for Sale
  • LN/RS= Residential Land for Sale
  • LN/OT= Land for Sale (no sub-property type)


Commercial listings (both for sale and for lease) have several sub-property type options, some of which do not get abbreviated:

  • INDUS= Industrial
  • INVEST= Investment
  • OFFICE= Office
  • RESINC= Residential Income
  • RETAIL= Retail
  • OTHER= the sub-property type does not fit into any other category.
  • BUSOP= Business Opportunity



Other assorted abbreviations

When you are on other system reports, such as the CMA Summary Report, you will see some other abbreviations:

  • DOM= Days on Market
  • CDOM= Cumulative Days on Market
  • LP= List Price
  • OLP (also Orig L Price)= Original List Price
  • SFAbvG= Above Ground square footage
  • $/SqFt= Price per square foot calculation
  • S%Asmt= Sales Price to Assessment ratio
  • L%Asmt= List Price to Assessment ratio
  • %OLP= Current Price to Original List Price ratio




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