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connectMLS makes it easy for you to get quick and useful statistical information about your search results, including such things as average/median closed price, price per sqft, list price: sales price ratio and much more!

After you have performed your search and are viewing the results, go up to the top right corner of the screen and click the 2023-07-10_11-08-31.jpg icon:




Unless you have selected specific listings from your search results, the report will include all search results.

  • The report is conveniently broken down into sections by property type.

  • Additionally, each property type section will have separate sections based on status. 

  • At the end of each status section, you will see a chart of statistical information that corresponds to that one group of listings:

    This chart proveds the High, Low, Average and Median figures for 8 different stats (highlighted in pink in the image above).

  • At the end of each property type section you will also see a chart that encompasses all listings for the property type (it combines all of the individual status sections):

    If your search included Closed listings, there will be an additional line in the chart to include the statistics for Sold Price.


There are several options at the top of the report that are worth noting:


  1. Click Close to exit the report and get back to your search results.

  2. Click Print to print the report as is. Your printout will reflect what you see on the screen.

  3. Click E-mail to send your report via email. This opens the connectMLS email template and sends the email from our Connect email server (as opposed to your own email client). When your recipient gets the email it will appear as though it came from your email address.

  4. Quick Statistics/Charts adds a CMA Quick Stats section to the top of the report that presents the statistical information for each status section in an easy-to-read table:

    It also presents a few of the more vital statistics in colorful graph formats:

    If you would like to remove these extra tables and graphs, just click the Quick Statistics/Charts button a second time and they will disappear.

  5. The Show drop-down menu allows you to choose which listings to include in the report:

    Each listing has a check box in front of it that lets you include/exclude it from the report. If you have used these check boxes to select certain listings, you can then use the drop-down menu to include only those listings (by choosing the Selected option). You can also choose to run the report with those listings you did not check (Unselected) or include all listings in the report (All).




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