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When the MLS or a Board of Realtors adds a message to the Bulletins widget of connectMLS, it will appear for a pre-determined amount of time, after which it expires and no longer appears with the other active messages.

Just because a message expires doesn't mean that you can never see the information again.

There is an archive section where Bulletin messages are stored once they have expired.

Click the Show All Archives link at the bottom center of the widget:




You will then get a list of messages that have been added to the widget:




Use the drop-down menu in the upper left to filter the type of messages that appear:




Select Archived to see those messages that are now past their expiration date.

You can use any of the column headers to sort the messages.


There's also a Search field in the upper left that you can use to find specific messages:


  1. Use the Keywords field to enter the word(s) you would like to search (example: enter training to find any messages that were posted related to upcoming classes, webinars, etc.).

  2. Use the check boxes in the Status section to choose the types of messages you'd like to search through.

  3. Use the check boxes in the Field to Search section to choose which parts of the message you want to search. Pro tip: unless you are certain that your search word was in one specific field, it is best to check all three boxes to make sure you're not missing anything.

  4. Click Search to find any related messages.








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