Streetside View


The Streetside View is available through the Additional Info menu.

If you are viewing the Full Detail report, Additional Info is in the upper right corner:




Once the menu displays, Streetside View is located in the middle of the Reports section:




If you are on one of the smaller reports (List View, Thumbnail, Gallery, etc.), you can access Additional Info from the 2023-06-20_13-13-34.jpg icon. In the List View (single line), scroll all the way to the right to see the icon.

Once you click the icon, Streetside View is in the center of the window:




Regardless of how you access Additional Info, clicking the Streetside View opens a window that allows you to spin the camera in all directions, providing a 360 degree view of the property from the street:




If you place your mouse cursor over the image, an arrow will appear near your cursor, allowing you to move in that direction:




You can move down the street a bit and check out the neighborhood. You can also spin around to see a view of the property from different prespectives. 


There may be some listings where you click Streetside View and get a message that the streetview is not available at this location:




If that happens, click on the little yellow person on the right side of the map and start dragging it onto the map. As you do, one or more streets will turn blue, indicating areas where you can drop the person and initiate streetside view:




Once you are on top of one of the blue streets, let go of your mouse button and the streetview should open for you.


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