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The Company Inventory search is a powerful search option that allows you to quickly search for your own listings, as well as those that are associated with your office or company. It is also a great way to check on your own inventory and production, or that of your office and/or company. You can even check on another individual agent.

It is conveniently located directly on the Search menu:



By default, it opens as a Cross Property search, meaning it is looking for listings regardless of their property type. You can certainly use the Search Type field to narrow your focus to a specific property type if you are only concerned with Single Family properties, for instance.

If you want to include some (but not all) property types, keep the Search Type field set to Cross Property and then use the Property Type field to select the desired property types:




The Inventory drop-down menu allows you to choose the subject of your search (whose listings are you looking for?):




There are a couple search filters right beneath Inventory that allow you to get even more specific with your search:



The top line lets you choose which side of the transaction you want to include in your search.
For instance: if you would like to see your entire closed production regardless of which side of the transaction you were on, put checks in both the Listed and Sold check boxes.

Use the Include Co-Office field to include those listings where you were on the co-list and/or co-selling side of the transaction.


The rest of the search screen allows you to get even more granular with your search by including date ranges for list date, expiration date, closed date, etc.


Note: if you have multiple user IDs (for instance, you are an admin for more than one office in your organization and have a separate ID for each office) you can only run the Company Inventory search for the office that aligns with the ID you are logged in under. 

For example- if you have IDs for the Norwalk and Milford offices of your organization, you can only run the Company Inventory for the Norwalk office when you are logged in under your Norwalk office ID. You'll need to log in under your Milford ID to see the Company Inventory for your Milford office.





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