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When you are on the Single Family & Condo or Residential Rental search screen, you can search by any combination of Full or Half bathrooms (the fields are there by default):




This works great if your client is very specific about the number of half and full bathrooms they want.

But what do you do if you have a customer that wants 3 or more bathrooms but doesn't care if the property has 2 full and 1 half baths or 3 full bathrooms?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution for this- there is a total baths field in the database that counts each bathroom (half or full) as one bathroom.

Click the Add/Remove Fields button in the bottom right corner of the search screen:




Type the word total in the empty Filter field in the top left, then click the plus sign next to Baths Total:




That will place the Baths Total field at the bottom of the column of fields on the right side of the screen (these are the fields that appear on the search screen). If desired, you can drag the newly added field up the list, so it appears closer to the top of the search screen (or you can leave it at the bottom).

Click Save Changes to get back to the search screen. The Baths Total field will now be on the screen in the position you selected:




Entering 3 in the first field and nothing in the second will find all properties that have any combination of full and half baths that add up to 3:

  • 3 full bathrooms (no half baths)
  • 2 full and 1 half bathrooms
  • 1 full and 2 half bathrooms



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