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In connectMLS, it is easy to create your own custom version of the List View (single line)report that includes the fields and order that make the most sense to you.

Connect even allows you to set your custom report as your default, so it automatically opens every time you run a search for that same property type.

But what do you do if you would like to go back to the original system default report?


Just click your photo/initials in the upper right corner and click Settings:




Scroll down to the My Defaults section and click Search & report defaults:




The Default Listing Reports section shows you what your current defaults are:




It is broken down by property type. Within each property type, you have two different default reports: 1 Line Summary and Detailed Report. The 1 Line Summary is what comes up after you finish your search and click View Results. The Detailed Report is what comes up when you click on the MLS number on a listing.

The default report for 1 Line Summary is the 1 Line Summary (also known as the List View) report. The default report for the Detailed Report is the Full Detail report.

You can use any of the drop-down menus to set your default report. If you have set one of your custom reports as your default and would like to return back to the original system default report, click the drop-down menu and select the system default:



Note: custom reports are specific to the property type search you were in when you created it. If you created a custom report after running a Residential Rental search, that report will only be available to you when you are in a Residential Rental search or Hotsheet. It will not be available when you are in a Multi-Family search/Hotsheet.

Once you are finished, make sure to click the Save button in either the top or bottom right of the window.




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