Number of listings in portal doesn't match auto email message


It is possible that the number of listings that appears in an auto email message is different than the number of listings that appear when the client goes to their Portal and opens the corresponding folder.

This is not indicative of a problem with the connectMLS system. It is stemming from a default setting within the Portal that is filtering out Coming Soon listings.


Here is an example:
The email that the client receives indicates that their agent has found 106 listings for them:




When the client opens their Portal, they can see a reference to these 106 listings on their Dashboard:




It even shows when they go to the My Searches tab (this tab shows all of the folders that are associated with the client):




However, when they actually open the folder to see the 106 listings, they see a different number of listings instead:





There is a filter in the upper right corner of the screen that dictates what types of listings will appear:




By default, all Connect Portals are currently set up to not automatically display Coming Soon listings. In this example, there are 6 Coming Soon listings that are not automatically displaying because of this filter [hence the discrepancy between the number of listings in the email (106) and the number of listings appearing in the folder (100)].

Putting a check in the Coming Soon check box (or in All Statuses) will include those Coming Soon listings that were among the auto email's matching properties and the number (106) will update to match what was in the email message:



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