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There is a very easy way to search for listings within a specific distance of an address (your office, home, current location, etc.) directly from a search screen without even opening up a map. This is known as a Proximity Search:



The Proximity search field is on all property search screens by default.


Use the top field (distance) to determine how far out from your center point you would like to search. Use the second line to enter the address of your center point. If you would like to make your current location the center point of your search, click My Location.

Note: the circular search area that results from this will be twice as big as the distance you entered in the first field. For instance, if you enter 1 mile for your distance, the circle that gets drawn on the map will be 2 miles across (1 mile in every direction from your center point).


Enter any other search criteria (price, beds, etc.) and click View Results to see any properties that match your criteria that are within the designated area.


When using the Proximity field during your search, it will also automatically be added to the system default report when you view your search results:



If you have set up a custom report as your default report, you will need to edit the report and add the Proximity field to it in order to see the distance each listing is to your center point.


Note: if you are accessing connectMLS through a Mac, you must have Location Services enabled for the Proximity Search functionality to work.




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