Column width on single line reports


Reports in connectMLS are designed to use the screen area as efficiently as possible. Ideally, we want reports to provide the maximum amount of listing information while maintaining readability and functionality. 

When viewing listings in the List View/single line (including the Hotsheet), the column widths will vary in size and be wide enough to accommodate the listing that has the most information in that particular field.  

On the Hotsheet, for instance, the Change Details column will be wide enough to fit the listing that has the most information in the field:



If the highlighted listing was not included in the report, the width of the Change Details column would narrow (although not very much) to the listing with the next most information in this field.


You are not able to manually adjust the widths of the columns on the List View by dragging them in/out. They are determined by the amount of data in the listings you are viewing. The vast majority of the time, the widest columns will be those fields that have the most information.


The only time you can have any impact on the column width is if you change the name of the column headers when customizing a report. And this only works for fields (such as square footage) that only have a few characters in them.

For example, you can decrease the width of the total sqaure foot field by a couple of characters by using a custom name for the field header rather than using the other options:



This only works, though, for instances where the number of characters in the column header significantly exceeds the maximum number of characters possible in the field. There are very few fields where this is applicable, so the impact of doing this on a custom report in order to save space or fit more columns on the screen is very minimal.


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