Maximum number of listings per email


You can set a limit to the number of listings that can be sent in one auto email. This setting applies to manual emails, auto emails and auto emails set up using the Screener feature.


Click your photo/initials in the upper right corner of Connect and select Settings:




Go to the My Defaults section and click Prospecting defaults:



Use the Maximum number of listings sent to a client in a single search drop-down menu to set your default:




Note: technically, you can send your client more listings than your preset limit. When the client opens the email, it will even show them the total number of listings you have selected for them:



However, when they click View Details to access the listings in their Portal, they will only be able to see the number of listings you've set as your default limit. If you set your limit at 100, they will only see 100 listings (out of 974 in the example above). 





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