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There are several places within connectMLS where you can see when/how often your clients are logging into their Client Portal.


The quickest way to see client login information is by checking the Login Activity tab within the Client Activity widget:



After you click Login Activity, use the drop-down menu in the upper left to choose a timeframe:



This will show you any clients that have logged into their Portal during that timeframe.

The Login Activity list is sorted by date/time, not by client name. It is very possible that you will see the same client name appear in several different spots in the list (they won't be all grouped together).


You can also see client login activity from the Prospecting Manager. Either click the 2023-06-09_9-42-38.jpg icon in the upper right corner of Connect or use the link at the bottom of the Saved Searches widget. 

Click on the name in the Client/Prosp. column:



When their Dashboard opens, click the Login Activity tab, then select your timeframe:






If you would like to see the last time a client has logged into their Portal, you can also click the My Clients icon 2023-06-09_9-47-40.jpg in the upper right corner. 

When your list of clients opens, you will see a Last Logon column towards the right of the screen:






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