Print to PDF is blurry


When printing to PDF (by clicking the Save as PDF button in the top right of the Print Listings window), it prints the entire listing as a single image rather than a normal PDF document. This is problematic for a couple reasons. The image quality is blurry and difficult to read, which makes it undesirable to hand out to clients. Additionally, it prevents the user from being able to select individual parts of the document to copy and paste.  

We have reported this issue to the programmers and they are working on a better solution.


In the meantime, there is a workaround that allows you to print to PDF and end up with a document that is not blurry and allows you to copy and paste individual fields/sections without a problem.


After selecting the desired listing, click the Print icon 2023-06-02_10-09-32.jpg in the upper right. 

When the Print Listings window opens, instead of clicking Save as PDF, click the Print button:




Use the Destination drop-down menu to select Save as PDF (instead of selecting your usual printer):




Each of the major web browsers will provide a similar option when printing, though the screen might look a little different than the image above.


This will allow you to save a PDF copy of the listing to your computer, at which point you can open it with high quality and full functionality.

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