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If you use the Market Conditions Addendum search/report frequently, it is very possible that you run searches with the same fields/criteria repeatedly. You may even require fields that are not on the default search screen.

Luckily, not only is it easy for you to add fields to the Market Conditions Addendum search screen, it is also simple to create a saved search that will allow you to quickly access searches that you run frequently.


To get started, go to the Reports menu and select Market Conditions Addendum:




If you would like to use a field that is not on the default search screen, just click the Add/Remove Fields button in the bottom right corner and select it from the list of available fields. This functionality is the same as it is from a listing search. Click here for a refresher on adding fields to a search.


For instance, let's say that you want to run your search based on a geographic area on the map, but the existing location fields (County, City, Zip Code) are not granular enough. Use Add/Remove Fields to add the Map Search field. It will appear at the bottom of the search screen:




Clicking the link (Click here to select boundaries) opens the following map:



The map feature in this section of connectMLS is not as comprehensive as it is in a listing search, but there are still several tools in the upper left that allow you to interact with the map and use it to search within a very precise area. You can drag the map in all directions, zoom in/out, enter a center point and search within a radius around it or even draw a specific search area.


Once you have finished entering your search criteria, you can save the search for future use by clicking Save Statistics Search towards the top of the screen:




On the next screen, enter a name for your custom search in the Search Name field, make sure you're happy with the criteria you've entered and click Save:




You will then see the following confirmation window:




  • Select the top option if you are done working within the Market Conditions Addendum section for now and would like to return to the connectMLS home page.

  • Select the bottom option to return to the Market Conditions Addendum section to either generate the report or start a different search.


Your new custom saved search appears on the right side of the Market Conditions Addendum search screen:




After you select the desired saved search, the criteria will appear on the screen. 

Just click Generate Report to view the Market Conditions Addendum report.








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