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Did you know that connectMLS can help you capture leads and turn them into Clients within the MLS system?

The Lead Capture feature creates a link to a contact submission form that you can embed into your social media, personal website and/or email. When a potential client submits their contact information through the submission form, they will appear in a widget on your connectMLS home page. From there, you can easily convert the lead into a Client and start working with them (set them up on an auto email, create a CMA, etc.). 

The first step is to add the Leads Inbox widget to your connectMLS home page.

Click your photo/initials in the top right corner and then click Settings at the bottom of the menu:



Go to the Personal Information section and click Modify home page layout:



Go to the bottom of the window and click the plus sign next to Leads Inbox:



That will add the widget to an empty spot on your home page, at which point you can place it wherever you'd like via drag and drop.

Once you have the widget where you want, click the Save Changes button in the top right. That will return you to the home page and the Leads Inbox widget should appear where you placed it:




The next step is to create a lead capture form to gather the customer's contact information as well as establish their real estate needs.

Click the link in the center of the Leads Inbox widget:



That opens the Lead Capture Form screen. This screen not only provides more insight into the overall process of capturing leads from within connectMLS, but also generates the code necessary to get the job done:



You have two options for your contact submision form:

  1. Simple Link- generates a link to a pop-up form. This is ideal for use on social media or to include on outgoing emails.

  2. Advanced Form- generates html code that you can embed into your website. It also provides a few additional fields that you could add to the submission form and gather more information from the customer:



Both options give you the opportunity to see what the submission form will look like (click Preview Link or Preview Form). There is also a convenient Copy to Clipboard button for each that copies the link or html code so you can easily add it to the desired location (social media, website) via copy & paste. With the exception of the optional extra fields on the Advanced Form, the submission form is pretty much identical whether you choose Simple or Advanced.

Here is an example of the submission form window that pops up when someone clicks the link:




When the submission form is completed and submitted, you will receive an email:



Additionally, you will also be notified within your Leads Inbox:


  1. Click the Lead's name to see a popup with the information from their submission form:

    You can even convert them to a Client right from the popup window (click Add Lead as Contact).

  2. Click the 2023-05-02_15-14-45.jpg  in the Add column to instantly convert the Lead to a Client. You will immediately get a View Contact link that brings you into their Client Info screen, where you can set them up on an auto email with the information they provided in their submisison form:

  3. Click Show All Unprocessed Leads to view the Lead's information. This screen allows you to add the Lead to your Client list or delete them completely:





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