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When working with the Status field during a property search, you may have noticed several different fields next to each status you have chosen:



These fields allow you to specify either a number of days back or a date range to narrow your search results. The system will only find listings that went into the status(es) you've selected during the period of time you have entered.

For each status, you can either use the days back fields or the date range fields, but not both at the same time. If you enter numbers in the days back fields and then move your cursor to the date range fields, your entries in days back will disappear.


What you type (or don't type) in the fields has a significant impact on your search results, so it is important to understand the nuances of the fields.


Searching by Days Back

To find listings over a specific number of days back, use the first two fields immediately to the right of the status. 

To find all listings that entered the Active status with the past 3 days (including the current day), you can either enter 0 in the first box and 3 in the second, or enter 3 in the first box and 0 in the second. Both will yield the same results:





To find all listings that entered the Active status exactly three days ago, enter 3 in both boxes:


To find all listings that entered the Active status more than 3 days ago, leave the first box blank and enter 3 in the second box. Doing so tells Connect that you want everything older than 3 days ago:




Searching by Date Range

To find listings during a specific date range, skip over the days back fields and use the last two fields on the right (the ones with the calendar icons 2023-05-02_10-17-09.jpg). You can either manually enter a date in the field or click the icon to open a calendar and select your desired date(s).

If you choose to enter the date yourself:

  • Use a forward slash ( / ) to separate the month, day and year. Connect will not accept a dash ( - ) as a separator.
  • You do not have to enter a leading zero in front of months or days that have only one digit. You can type 5/2 (instead of 05/02) to represent May 2nd. However, if you prefer to include the leading zero, Connect will accept it.
  • You can type the year as two or four digits (23 or 2023). 
  • The calendar will update as you type. Make sure the calendar reflects the date you manually entered.


To find all listings from a specific date to the current date, enter the beginning date of your range in the first field and the current date in the second field (you can also just enter the starting date in the first field and leave the second field blank):





To find all listings up to and including a specific date, leave the starting date field blank and enter the ending date in the second field:



To find all listings from one specific date, enter the same date in both fields:





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