Concierge functionality in connectMLS (Screener)


Our connectMLS system has its own version of concierge mode, where you are able to vet the results of an auto email search and choose the listing(s) you want the Client to receive. This feature is known as Screener.

The first part of the process of setting up an auto email to use Screener is the same as setting up an auto email (click here for a refresher).


After you have run the buyer's search and click the Save Search icon in the upper right corner:




When the Save Search screen opens, select the desired client (or add the client if thet are not already in Connect), give the search a name and put a dot in Automatic Search. The setting to enable the Screener functionality is located in the Listing Notifications section:




Put a dot in Screen search results before sending to client. After doing so, the settings at the bottom of the window will disappear because they do not apply to screened searches.

Click Save.


You will then get the window that allows you to either continue working with the search or start a new search:





To work with your screened search results, go to the Saved Searches widget on the home page. There is a new Screening tab in the widget that is dedicated to any auto emails you've set up with Screener enabled:



  1. Clicking the search name (Norwalk Neighborhoods screener) opens the search screen and displays the criteria you used when you originally set up the auto email. This allows you to adjust the search, if necessary.

  2. Clicking the client's name (Sammy Screener) opens the My Clients section and brings you directly to that client's Dashboard.

  3. Clicking the number of matches in the To Do link displays the properties that match the saved search criteria.


The report that comes up when you click the To Do column has several new columns (along with the usual fields that appear in the List View report):



  • Screener Status displays any action that has been taken for the listing- Sent, Rejected or To Do (meaning you haven't done anything with the listing yet- it's neither been sent nor rejected).

  • Last Screened Date shows the date and time you sent or rejected the listing.

    For To Do listings, this field will generally be empty, since you have not chosen to do anything with the listing yet. However, it is possible that there will be a date in the field even if you haven't done anything with it yet. This happens if the listing has reappeared in the Screener (for example, it appeared the first time as Coming Soon and then again once it switched to Active).

  • Received Date shows the date and time that the listing most recently appeared in the Screener.

    It is possible that a listing will appear more than one time. For instance, if your saved search includes both Coming Soon and Active listings, a property could initially appear as Coming Soon, and then will appear a second time once the Coming Soon period is over and the listing has been changed to Active.

    Here is how that will appear in Screener:

    For these instances, the Last Screened Date field shows when the property first appeared in the Screener, and Received Date shows the most recent time it appeared in Screener.

    Clicking the 2023-05-01_12-30-34.jpg icon will alert you to the fact that the listing is reppearing in the Screener.


To send listings to the client, select the desired properties with the check box on the far left and click the Approve & Send button in the upper right corner of the report:




You will get the following pop-up window:



  1. Choose the email template you'd like to use that will accompany the listings you are sending.

  2. Adjust the Email Subject, if desired.

  3. If you are not thrilled with the default message, enter your own custom text in the Message Body.

  4. Click Approve & Send.


After you click Approve & Send, the selected properties will be sent to the client and you will see a confirmation in the upper right corner:



The confirmation will disappear after a few seconds.




To reject listings on your client's behalf, select them with the check box and click the Reject button in the upper right.

Click the Reject button on the pop-up window to complete the action:




As is the case when you approve listings, you will see a brief confirmation in the upper right corner:





You can use the drop down menu in the upper left to filter your Screener results by when they were most recently received:




If you have not checked your Screener matches for a few days and would like to see what came in each day, this drop down list will be quite helpful.


When viewing your Screener results, make sure to be cognizant of the boxes that are selected in the top left, as they will determine what you see:








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