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We are changing our primary MLS system to connectMLS and will continue to provide Matrix for those who are interested as an optional MLS service (at an additional monthly cost).

We have fielded many thoughtful questions regarding the transition from Matrix to Connect and, in response, have created this article to provide answers to the questions and concerns we have received most often. The article also contains links to many additional knowledge base articles and other resources that will help ease your transition to our new connectMLS system.

Our goal is to guide you through this transition with transparency and efficiency. We will continue offering abundant training opportunities and any other resources necessary to make it as easy as possible for you and your clients. 


Common Questions

Q: Why is SmartMLS changing from Matrix to Connect?
Technology in the real estate industry is evolving rapidly. Keeping you at the forefront of technology in a modern, user-friendly platform and ensuring that all of your data is available and secure are our top priorities. connectMLS positions the MLS to meet and exceed the technological innovations and challenges of today and the future. It allows the MLS to be more flexible and integrate more seamlessly with the tools you need to be efficient. 

Q: Does the addition of connectMLS affect our fees at all?
A: Only if you choose to keep using Matrix. If so, there will be an additional $10/month charge on your MLS invoice.
If you choose to only use connectMLS, there will be no change to your SmartMLS fees.

Q: Is there an app for Connect?
 Yes, just go to the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) and search for SmartMLS. Click here for more information on the SmartMLS App.

Q: Will there be a big difference between the current version of Connect and the final version?
Our Connect system is about 85% done. With the exception of the listing Add/Edit functionality, the majority of the system is close to its final state. There will be minor tweaks going forward, but the user interface and major system features are not going to change much between now and the final product.

Q: Can we access Connect through a browser bookmark or desktop shortcut?
 Yes. As you may have done with Matrix, you can create a bookmark in your web browser or a shortcut on your desktop to bring you directly to the login screen.

Q:  Can I use the browser Back button?

A: It is best to use Connect’s built-in navigation tools (buttons, links and tabs) rather than using the browser’s Back button to return to a previous page. Using the browser’s Back button can lead to unexpected and undesirable behavior.

Q:  How do I add/edit a listing in connectMLS?

A:  Add/Edit is a feature that will be coming to our connectMLS system in the near future. For the time being, you will continue to add new listings and edit your current listings, including photos and supplements, through Matrix. Any new information or changes to existing listing records in Matrix will quickly flow over to the connectMLS system.
Currently, if you go to the Listings menu in connectMLS, there is a shortcut link that will bring you directly to the Add/Edit menu in Matrix. 

Q: When will we be able to perform Add/Edit in Connect?
A: The Add/Edit module will be activated in connectMLS on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. Until then, there is an Add/Edit listings in Matrix button in connectMLS that will bring you to the add/edit screen so you can complete your changes with ease. 


connectMLS Getting Started To Do List

Please use this list to help guide you through the most important parts of our ConnectMLS system.

Note: there is a link at the end of each bullet point that brings you to a detailed article and/or a video that guides you through the feature.

  • Home Page (My MLS)- Familiarize yourself with the navigation menu icons in the top right corner, (My Clients, My Favorites, etc.). Click here for a breakdown of these action icons.
  • Set up your profile- Add a headshot, contact information, personal branding, and more. Click here for a video that guides you through setting up your Brand in Connect
  • Run a Search- Run a search, view results, and see how you can interact with your search results. Click here for an article that provides additional information. 
  • Go to Search> Listings> Single Family & Condo from the navigation bar. Take a few minutes to view the embedded tour, which provides a helpful overview of searching for and working with listings. Click here for more detailed information on searching for listings. 
  • Use the Add/Remove Fields feature to give you a more refined search. Click here to learn more; Click here for a short tutorial video.
  • Use Show Advanced Options to access features like a “NOT” search or a wildcard search and save these options as your default. Click here for more instructions on switching search fields from inclusive to exclusive. 
  • Save your search to run automatically or manually, via the Save Search link. Click here for instructions on saving searches. If you'd prefer a video on the topic, Click here.
  • Add a client. Click here for step-by-step instructions on adding a new client to the system. Note: in an attempt to ease your transition from Matrix to Connect, all of your existing Matrix contacts have been imported into Connect for you, so you don't have to worry about adding them all yourself manually.
  • Use the Prospecting Manager to easily keep tabs on all your saved searches (manual and automatic). Click here for detailed instrutcions on accessing and working with your saved searches.
  • Review the different report/display options. SmartMLS spent a great deal of time analyzing the data that has historically been used in the system and concentrated on replicating those displays that most effectively delivered it to agents and clients. These reports are consistent whether you are accessing the MLS from a desktop/laptop or a mobile device. Click here to learn how to switch between the different report formats.
  • Use the Additional Info link to access many different listing features and resources. Click here for instructions on how to access these useful tools.
  • Create a custom report with the fields that work best for you. Click here for an article that walks you through customizing reports.
  • My Favorites allows you to easily monitor specific listings. Think of it like a shopping cart where you place properties of interest. Click here for a detailed article, or here for a brief video. 
  • Use the Share function to easily text a listing to a customer, or embed a link to your property on social media. Click here to learn more about sharing listings.
  • Use the SmartBar to access your recent activity & other powerful quick search opportunities. Click here for instructions on mastering the SmartBar.
  • Use the New Workspace feature to experience true multitasking capabilities. Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Use My Clients to keep tabs on your Connect clients and any interactions you have shared with them. You can also use the View Portal button to look at their individual Client Portal. Click here for an article that covers the client Portal and shows you what your clients will experience when you send them listings, documents, etc.


Other FAQs

Q:  What happens to my Auto Emails that are setup in the Matrix system?

A: All your Auto-Emails and Saved Searches have been copied over into the connectMLS system as saved searches. Before using an Auto-Email that was imported from Matrix, you must first activate it in connectMLS. Additionally, once the connectMLS version of the auto email has been activated, you should deactivate the Matrix version (so your client will not receive two copies of the same auto email).
Going forward, we recommend that you start any new auto-emails within the connectMLS system. Use this article: How to activate Auto Emails imported from Matrix

Q: How do I communicate with Clients? 

A: Communicating with your clients is a breeze through the branded Client Portal. Clients can initiate conversations by leaving comments on specific listings, which creates a streamlined, two-way conversation. You and your clients can also communicate with each other by sending general messages through the Portal. Click here to take a deep dive into the Client Portal.


Q: How can I keep track of any client interactions as a result of my auto-searches?

A: Use the Client Activity widget on your connectMLS homepage to keep tabs on how your clients are interacting with any listings you have sent them. Built-in filters allow you to focus on specific activities (such as properties a client has marked a Favorite) or even just look at one specific client’s activity. You can also choose to see all activity from all clients that has occurred over a given time period.


Q: Do we have to manually add our saved searches to Connect?
A: No. All of the Contacts, saved searches and auto emails that you have added to Matrix have already been copied over to Connect. These items are constantly updated in Connect (via an automated process) so they mirror what is in Matrix. You will just have to activate your imported auto emails manually in Connect (and then disable the Matrix version).
Click here for an article that explains how to do this.

Q: What happens with my Matrix CMAs? Will they automatically copy over to Connect like contacts, saved searches and auto emails?
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to copy CMAs from Matrix to connectMLS. If you have any Matrix CMAs that you would like to retain, we recommend that you save them as PDFs to your computer. 

Q: Will I still be able to use Matrix Mobile and/or Homesnap?
A: Currently, you can use whichever mobile solution you prefer. connectMLS is built upon mobile-responsive technology, which delivers a consistent user experience whether you log in from a PC/laptop or a mobile device. Accessing connectMLS from a mobile device, whether through the device's web browser or the app (search your app store for smartmls), provides the same features and functionality that you get from a computer.

Q:  When using the New Workspace feature, can you move information from one workspace to another?
 Although it would be very convenient to be able to move information between workspaces, that functionality is not currently available. 

Q:  Can I do a radius search in Connect? For example, can I find properties within a certain distance of another property?
 Yes. Click here for detailed instructions on performing a radius search. In addition, we have added a Proximity Search that allows you to search for listings surrounding a specific property without even opening a map. Click here for more details.

Q: Do we have the option to make a quick statistical CMA (like we can currently do in Matrix)? 
 Yes, there is a Quick CMA option that you can access directly from the Additional Info section (when you are on the Full Detail report). Click here for a deep dive into the Quick CMA.


Q: Does Connect have a concierge mode (or similar feature) that allows the agent to review any auto email matches before the listings are emailed to the client?
A: Yes! Connect's version of concierge mode, known as Screener, was added to the system in late April. Click here for instructions on how to use Screener on your auto emails.


Q:  What are the English or Espanol buttons in the Client portal used for?
This feature allows clients to hear an audio review of the features of a property in either language. 


Q: How many saved searches can we have?
 There is no limit to the number of saved searches (including auto emails) a Connect user can have.


Q: How many default searches can we have?
 You can have a separate default search for each type of search in the Search menu.


Q: Can we see parcel dimensions when viewing properties on a map?
Yes, parcel dimensions are one of the many layers you can add to maps in Connect. Click here for more information on viewing parcel dimensions.


Q: Are any of the shortcuts I created for the Matrix Speed Bar going to transfer to Connect?
 No. Currently, the Connect SmartBar does not have a shortcut feature (DynaConnections is investigating adding this feature at some point in the future).


Q: Are there safeguards in place that ensure the client receives the public-facing version of listings (as opposed to agent versions that include broker or other sensitive information) when we email properties from Connect?
 Yes, when you email properties from Connect, your client will only see the public-facing version of the listings.


Q: Will clients receive the search email notifications faster than they do today?
When an auto email is set to 'real time’, matching properties are sent quickly. The time frame in which the Connect system delivers these emails is comparable to that of the data that goes out to various IDX vendors.

Q: If a list agent has uploaded public-facing documents to their listing, is there a way for my clients to see them?

A: All public supplements are visible in the Client Portal (click here for more information). Additionally, you have the opportunity to download public supplements when viewing a listing. Once you've downloaded a supplement, you can open an email to your client and attach the document you'd like them to see.


Q: Can I change the wording of the email messages that go out to my clients?

A: All of the email templates are customizable. If you would prefer to use your own wording in any (or all) of the different types of email messages that come from connectMLS, follow the instructions in this article.


Q: How can I get training on connectMLS?

A: We have created a training cirriculum for connectMLS that is designed to meet the different needs of all SmartMLS members. Our current offerings include introductory classes, deep dive sessions for our more advanced users, classes on customizing connectMLS to suit your individual workflow and branding needs, and topic-specific classes (Auto Emails, Client Portal, etc). We offer in-person/hands-on classes at our office in Milford, live webinars (via Zoom) and on-demand pre-recorded classes that you can watch at your leisure. All classes are free of charge. We encourage everyone to take as many classes as desired.
Click here for more information on signing up for training.


Q: Is there some sort of manual or guide that will help me learn about connectMLS?

A: Yes! We have created an All Access Guide with everything you need to know to transition to connectMLS. Click here to download your copy.

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