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You may have noticed that there is a yellow star icon at the top right of the screen when you are viewing listings, regardless of the report you are in (list view, full detail, etc.):




So, what's the deal with the star? 

The star represents the Favorites (or My Favorites) feature within connectMLS, which acts like a shopping cart. When you come across listings that you'd like to keep an eye on, regardless of the type of search or report you are in, you can click that star icon and send the listing(s) to your My Favorites folder. Or, you can run a few different types of searches for a client, send the results to a Favorites folder and then send them to the client all in the same email.

After you have performed your search, select the desired listings and click the yellow star icon. You will then get a pop-up window with several options:



  1. Decide which listing(s) you would like to send to Favorites. You can send all of your search results or just those listings that you selected.
  2. If you'd like, you can associate the listing(s) to a specific client. This is an optional setting. If you want to send the listing(s) to one of your own Favorite folders, skip this step.
  3. If you're not associating the listing(s) with a client, use the drop-down list to choose where you want to send the listing(s). You can send the listings to the default Favorites folder (My Default Favorites Folder) or to a folder you have previously created. You can also create a brand new Favorites folder (in addition to the default folder and any other folders you may have created in the past).
  4. Add any specific notes or other information you would like to include with this new batch of favorites.
  5. Click Add to Favorites.


You can also add a listing to a Favorites folder from the Info icon 2024-01-02_15-52-11.jpg on the right side of the List View report or by clicking Additional Info in the upper right of the Full Detail report:




Whichever way you add a listing to your Favorites folder, after you finish the process and click the Add to Favorites button, it brings you back to the listing you just added (it does not bring you into the Favorites folder).




If you would like to see the contents of one of your Favorites folders, there are a couple different places you can go:

  1. There is a star icon in the upper right corner of most screens:

  2. You can also get to the My Favorites folder from the Shortcuts widget on the home page:




Regardless of which way you access My Favorites, you will see the same screen:




You will see the default Favorites folder, as well as any folders you have created yourself. You will also see any folders that are associated with one of your clients. For each Favorites folder, you can see how many listings are in the folder, as well as the date the folder was created.
There are icons on the right side that allow you to edit the folder name 2023-05-09_13-41-10.jpg or delete it completely 2023-05-09_13-41-39.jpg.
Note: clicking the trash can icon deletes the entire folder and all of its contents. You cannot open the folder and just delete some of the listings- it will delete all of them.


To see the listings within any folder (or to delete any individual listings from the folder), either click on the name of the folder or the number of listings. By default, the listings will display in a single line report:



Once you're in a Favorites folder, the layout and functionality is pretty much identical to viewing the results of a regular listings search. You can use the icons in the upper left to switch between different report formats (list view, full detail, thumbnail, etc.) or change the fields or order (using Modify Columns). You can also interact with the listings (print, email, get driving directions, etc.) by using the icons in the upper right:




To delete any individual listings from a Favorites folder, simply click the 2023-07-03_14-53-50.jpg on the far right:




Note: you will only see the Delete column from the default Favorites List View (single line) report.

If you are accessing a custom report from within Favorites, go up to the drop-down menu in the upper left and click the pencil icon next to the custom report:




Search for the Remove Favorite field in the left-hand column and click the + to add it to your custom report:




Drag the Remove Favorite field up if desired, then click the Save Changes button in the top right.

That will add the Delete field to your report, allowing you to delete individual listings from your Favorites folder.


If you do not see the Remove Favorite field when you modify the report, that means the custom report was created before this feature was added to our system. At that point, you would have to delete and recreate the custom report if you would like to be able to use the Delete field on it.



You can access even more information and resources from any listing in the folder by clicking the Info 2023-07-03_14-57-25.jpg icon towards the center of the report:




The listings in any Favorites folder can be the results of an individual search or they can be from several different searches. Using Favorites is a great way to gather the results of different types of property searches in one area. You can then send them all in one email, set up a Showing Cart/Buyer Tour, download them to a spreadsheet and much more.





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