Red exclamation point next to saved search


If you see a red exclamation point 2023-01-06_9-16-22.jpg next to a saved search in connectMLS, it means that the search has been disabled because the client has not logged into their Portal within the past 60 days.

There are a couple of places within connectMLS that you can see this icon.

It will appear in the Saved Searches widget on the home page:



You will also see it when viewing your automated searches within the Prospecting Manager:



To fix this, click the Prospecting Manager icon 2023-01-06_9-25-08.jpg in the upper right of connectMLS:



Locate the disabled search and click the Edit pencil icon 2023-01-06_9-29-21.jpg on the far right of the screen:



Once the Save Search window opens, just click Save Changes in the upper right:



You actually do not need to make any changes at all. By simply re-saving the search, it becomes re-enabled and it will continue to search for and send any properties that match.

You may want to reach out to the client and make sure they are actually seeing the emails that connectMLS is sending them. The emails may be getting flagged as spam or junk by their email program, so the client may not even know that the emails are being sent.



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