How to see listing and property history information in connectMLS


When you are viewing a listing in the Full Detail report, there is a Marketing History section toward the bottom of the report that provides some history for that specific listing:




While the Marketing History section provides some history for this specific listing, there is also a Listing Report and Property History link that shows you additional information for all listings associated with this property (including the listing you are currently viewing).


Note: you can easily get to this section (or any other section) of the listing by clicking History in the menu going across the top of the listing:




The history information within this section is just for this one listing and does not include any previous listings for this property.

Never fear, though! All of the historical information for the property has been imported from Matrix and is easily available from this same report.

All you have to do is go to Additional Info at the top right of the report and select Listing & Property History:




That opens a new window that displays detailed history for each time the property has been listed on the MLS:





There is also a separate report that delivers just the listing and property history information.

When you are viewing a listing in the Full Detail report, go up to the top left and use the drop-down menu to select the Listing & Property History report:




If you are working with a group of listings, you can toggle between their history reports by using the previous and next buttons at the top center of the report:



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