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connectMLS provides many ways for you to customize the MLS system and truly make it your own. One such customization is through the Change Theme menu.

To access your Connect display settings, click your initials or photo in the upper right corner and click Change Theme:




The Display Settings popup window gives you the ability to adjust the spacing and theme of the List View (single line) report:



Note: these display settings apply only to the List View report. Any adjustments you make here will not impact the other reports within the connectMLS system.


The Spacing setting allows you to control the size of the text on the List View. Switching from Default to Compact makes everything a little smaller, which in turn allows more listing information to appear on each screen (before requiring you to scroll to see more). Compact spacing will generally fit an additional 2-3 listings on the screen, as well as 2-3 more columns of listing information on the right side.

Screen sizes and resolutions can vary wildly, so the exact number of listings that will fit on one screen (before having to scroll down) will depend on your individual settings. This also goes for the number of columns that will fit on the screen from left to right before you must use the horizontal scroll bar.

This image shows you how much additional information is displayed on the screen after switching from Default to Compact:



The Theme setting lets you choose a List View style that is most visually appealing. Themes use colors, shading, whitespace and contrast to help make it easier to discern listings and columns of data from one another.

  • Default delivers a report interface that was designed for optimal display on any device. Gridlines are lighter and thin, and rows alternate between white and light grey, making it easy to follow one listing all the way across the screen and not confuse it with the listing above or below it.

  • High Contrast combines the use of whitespace and alternating white/grey rows with darker, more defined gridlines, making it easier to distinguish each row and column in the grid from one another. If we think of the List View report as a spreadsheet, it is a bit easier to see each individual cell on the report when High Contrast is enabled.

  • Classic provides much more subtle gridlines and definition bewteen the rows (listings), while simultaneously infusing more color into the report, specifically within the column headers across the top of the screen. Rows of listings still alternate in color, although the difference is not as dramatic as with the Default or High Contrast themes.

You can change your theme in real-time as often as you'd like. Just make your choice and click the Save button. You will immediately be brought right back to the List View and the new theme will automatically be applied to the same listings you were viewing.


It is important to remember that these display settings only affect what you see on the screen. They do not carry over to printouts. 




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