Personal assistants appear on connectMLS Portal emails

If you have set up personal assistants in connectMLS, it is possible that their names appear at the bottom of emails you send from connectMLS (either manual emails or automatic emails).

There are two setting configurations that must both occur in order for this to happen:

  1. You must choose to include your Online Business Card in your emails from connectMLS.

    When manually emailing from connectMLS, there is a check box at the bottom of thew window that allows you to include your Online Business Card:

    When setting up your email templates (for automatic emails), you can choose to add your Online Business Card to the messages:


    Here is more information about setting up connectMLS email templates.

  2. When setting up your Online Business Card, you must choose to include your personal assistants in the fields that display.

    You can access your Online Business Card by navigating to your initials/photo in the upper right corner of connectMLS, clicking Settings and then Modify my contact information & online business card .  The section at the bottom of the screen allows you to determine the information that appears, including your personal assistants:


Click here for more information on setting up your Online Business Card.

If you have made both of these configurations, the names of any personal assistants you have set up in connectMLS will appear at the bottom of your emails.

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