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Did you know? You can remove listings that you have emailed a client from their connectMLS client Portal? In essence, this allows you to unsend listings that were either sent by accident, were intended for another recipient, etc. Best of all, doing so has no negative impact on the client being able to access or function within their Portal. They will still be able to visit their Portal, view other listings that you've sent them, run their own Portal searches, and much more.

Click the My Clients icon in the upper right corner of connectMLS:




Click on the name of the client to open their dashboard, then go to the Listings section in the upper right. This will give you a list of folders that are associated with this client. Each client can have multiple auto emails, and each auto email has its own separate folder that contains all the listings associated with that auto email. Additionally, if you have manually emailed this client listings, there will be a separate folder for those listings:




Be careful to choose the correct folder (if there are multiple folders for the client). You can either delete the entire folder, which will remove all listings that have been delivered as a result of that particular auto email search, or you can go into a folder and just delete listings that were sent in an individual email.  

To delete the entire folder and all of its contents, click the delete icon 2022-11-01_15-29-09.jpg next to the name you used when setting up the auto email:




You will get a warning message after clicking the delete icon that explains the consequences of deleting the folder:

  • the listings associated with this auto email will disappear from the client's Portal.
  • the folder will no longer appear when you go to My Clients and click the Listings tab.
  • the search itself will not be deleted (but you can delete that separately, if desired).
  • if the client has indicated interest in any of the listings you are removing, those listings will remain in their Favorites list.

To delete listings from individual emails, but keep the rest of the emails within the folder, click the History menu:




This will display a list of every individual email you sent the client, along with the date and time the email was sent as well as the number of listings that were included in the emails. You can click the number of properties to see the exact listings that were sent in each email. 

You cannot go into an email that has multiple listings in it and just delete specific listings from that email. You must either delete all of the listings from that email or leave them all in the client's Portal.

Once you have found the email containing the listing(s) you want to delete, click the delete icon on the right.  


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