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One of the many benefits of connectMLS's mobile responsive design is the ability to easily search for nearby properties that match your search criteria. By leveraging this feature (either from the smartmls app or by logging into on your mobile device), you can enter search criteria and then use map search functionality to find matching listings simply by dragging the map around.

Start off by opening a search for your desired property type. After entering your search criteria (such as price, beds, baths, etc.), tap the Map button in the upper left:




Once the map opens, go up towards the top right and tap the Center On icon:




You have several options when it comes to centering the map. You can manually enter an address, center the map based on the properties that match the criteria you entered on the search screen or use your office's address (the system will automatically obtain your office address from your membership record):




If you are out with a customer and would like to see if there are any nearby listings on the MLS that match their requirements, select My Current Location. connectMLS will obtain your current location through your mobile device's GPS location.

The map will refresh and center on your current location.


The next step in the process is to go to the bottom left of the map and put a check in the Search While Moving Map check box:




Note: there may not be any matches right away because connectMLS is taking the search criteria that you entered in the beginning of the process and zooming in on your current location. There simply may not be any matching properties that fall within the current map area. Do not be alarmed or dismayed.

All you have to do now is drag the map around in any direction or change the zoom level. The map will update in real-time and find any properties that match your search criteria and fall within the confines of your current map view.

If you're finding too many matches (or none at all), you may want to adjust your search criteria. Just tap the Filters button in the top left to get back to your search screen so you can tighten or relax your search parameters until you get a more appropriate number of matches.








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