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If you see a Not implemented message next to a search field, it is likely because you saved the search and/or set it as your default prior to the connectMLS programmers making a change to the search screen:




The image above is a result of the Months Back field being completely removed from the search (as it was not functioning the way we need it). When I set this search up as my default search, the Months Back field was still being used. It is no longer part of our connectMLS system, which is why the error is coming up on the screen.

To fix this situation, click the Defaults button in the upper right corner and select New Search- System Default. That will open up a fresh, updated version of the search screen. Now you can go through and customize the search however you had it before- add/remove fields, change the order of the fields, set up specific fields to automatically populate, etc. Once you have the search configured as you want it, go to Defaults and click Save Current as My Default.




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