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If a client accidentally clicks on the unsubscribe link within a connectMLS email, this is what they will see:




If they finish the process by clicking the Confirm Opt-Out button, they get a confirmation that they will no longer receive any emails from the connectMLS system:




The connectMLS system also sends you (as their agent) an email when one of your clients unsubscribes. Here is what that email looks like:



Conveniently, there is a link (highlighted in the image above) within the email that allows you to opt the client back in yourself.


In addition to using the link in the email, connectMLS provides a few other ways to get the client opted back in. The opt in process can be performed by either the client or the agent.


From the Client's perspective:
If the client would like to opt in on their own, they must follow these instructions:

  1. Open a previous email you have received from connectMLS and click the Unsubscribe link.
  2. Go to the bottom of the next screen and look for a link that says Click here if you want to Opt-In instead. Click that link.
  3. An opt-in page will open. Click the Confirm Opt-In button.
  4. You should see a confirmation message on the screen.


Note: when a client unsubscribes, connectMLS will automatically change the status of their account to Inactive. After they opt back in, you must go into their account and manually switch their status from Inactive to Active (or another appropriate status). 

If they remain in the Inactive status, you will not be able to send them any emails. They will not even appear in your contacts list when you go to send an email:






From the Agent's perspective:
If you would like to opt the client back in yourself, you have a couple different options:

  1. You can use the link in the notification email (as covered earlier in this article).

  2. You can also manually opt the client in from the My Clients section (use the icon in the top right corner of connectMLS):




Once your client list opens, find the desired client and click on their name to open their individual Dashboard. If you look in the upper left, you will see a notification that they have opted out:




Click the Click here to restore link to opt them back in.

After opting them back in, their status remains Inactive:




Click the Edit button, then go to the Status field and switch them to Active:




After you click Save, they are now fully opted back in and you should be able to send them emails once again.



*** REMEMBER: regardless of who performs the opt in process, the client will not be able to receive any connectMLS emails until you switch their status from Inactive to Active. ***


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