Disabled connectMLS auto email


In an effort to conserve resources and remain compliant with spam reduction policies, an auto email will be disabled if the Client has not signed into their Portal for 60 consecutive days.

When this occurs, you will receive the following email from the connectMLS system:


Dear Christopher,

This is an automated message to inform you that your connectMLS saved search named:

  Restaurants for Sale

was disabled on 08/06/2022 03:00 AM because it had been emailing property matches to one of your clients who has not signed-in to view those properties within the past 60 days. This action has been taken in accordance with the MLS's spam reduction policies.


There will also be a link below this message that will log you back into connectMLS.

You can see more information about the Client and their search by going to the Prospecting Manager:



Disabled searches will have an orange exclamation point next to them:


There will also be a notification in the Automatic Searches widget if one of your searches has become disabled:



If you would like to re-enable the auto email, click the Edit icon  2022-08-08_15-46-15.jpg  on the far right.

The Save Search window will open, displaying the Client's saved search criteria and settings.  Just click the Save Changes button in the upper right:



When you go back to the Prospecting Manager, the orange exclamation point will be gone:



Note: It is vital that the Client logs into their Portal after you make this change, or else the whole process will repeat the next day (since the connectMLS system will once again detect that they have not visited their Portal in 60+ days) and the automatic search will once again be disabled.

At this point, it is advisable to reach out to the Client and remind them that you have them set up on an automatic email and that they must visit their Portal to see the matching properties you are sending. You should also confirm that you have the correct email address for them and make sure that they are seeing your connectMLS emails in their Inbox (the emails might be ending up in their Spam/Junk email folder, which would explain why they have gone so long without opening one of the emails and visiting their Portal). While you are having a conversation with them, it might also be a good time to verify their search criteria with them and make sure their needs have not changed.



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