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Another nice marketing option that is available within connectMLS is the ability to add your resume or bio information to your account.  Your clients will be able to see this information in their Portal, as well as on a separate page within a CMA report.

To add or modify your resume or bio information, click your photo/initials in the upper right corner of the connectMLS dashboard and select Settings:



Go to the Personal Information section and click Modify my resume/bio:



Your personal contact information (in orange below) will automatically populate from your membership record, but the rest of the fields are free text fields that allow you to enter any relevant resume/biographical information about yourself:



The Highlights section displays as five separate bullet points when viewed in a CMA or in the Client Portal.  Additionally, there are four different paragraphs, each with its own heading/subtitle, that you can use to talk about your professional accomplishments, areas of expertise, personal life/hobbies, etc.  Each of these sections is 1,028 characters long (including punctuation and spaces).  

Overall, the resume/bio section gives you a way to quickly provide your clients with some professional credentials, work history or other relevant information to help you make stronger connections.


Here is where your clients can access this information while they are in the Portal:




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