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When you are conducting a search on the MLS, you may not necessarily know which field to use (or add) in order to find the properties that your client is looking for. For instance, let's imagine that your customer is interested in horse properties, but you are not sure which field to use to find horse properties.


Here is a little trick:

Go to the bottom right corner of the search screen and click Add/Remove Fields :




Click the Click here for hints on individual features li nk in the upper left of the window:




That will display an expanded view of every field in connectMLS and show you every valid option for each field:




You can quickly search through all of the fields for a specific word (in this case, horse ) by hitting CTRL+F on your keyboard and typing horse in the field:





It will automatically give you the number of times your keyword appears (3) and highlights each instance. Just hit the enter key on your keyboard to move from one to the next. You may also notice that the scroll bar (on the right side of the window) has indications for each instance of the word, as well as how far down you'll need to scroll to reach the next instance (in case you are not hitting Enter to move through them).

This is a simple way to find out which field you need to use (or add, if it is not already on the search screen) in order to perform your search.




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