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While the vast majority of the features and functionality you love in Matrix will be present in connectMLS in some fashion, it is important to remember that our connectMLS system will not be a mirror image of Matrix. connectMLS is its own MLS system that has been designed by a completely different vendor than Matrix and is packed with its own unique and powerful features (many of which are similar to those in Matrix).

That being said, there are naturally going to be differences between the two systems, including the types of displays/reports you and your customers will be able to access (both online and within the Portal). The 3-Across (3-Up) display is an example. While there are two iterations of this configuration available as default display options in Matrix (Agent- 3 Across and Client- 3 Across), there is no such default report in connectMLS.

Never fear, though! connectMLS is highly customizable and it is very easy to quickly create your own version of a 3-Up report that closely resembles those in Matrix.


After you have performed your search and are viewing the results, click Modify Columns in the upper left of the screen:




You should now be on the Fields tab, which is where you set up the actual fields that will appear on your custom report, as well as the order in which they appear:




The Available Fields section (on the left) is an alphabetized list of all of the fields that you can choose from when adding fields to the report. You can scroll up/down the list and click the plus sign 2022-07-20_14-05-40.jpg next to those fields you would like on your custom report. You can also just type the name of the field you would like to add in the Filter field (at the top of the section). As you type, the list will narrow and display anything that matches the string of characters you have entered.

Currently Selected Fields is a list of the the fields that are already on the report. You can use the 2022-07-20_14-09-57.jpg next to any of these fields to remove them from your report. As you add fields from the Available Fields list, they will appear at the bottom of the Currently Selected Fields section. You can reorder the fields using drag & drop and get them in the exact order that you want.


Once you are done adding/removing/rearranging fields, click the Advanced tab:



This screen allows you to finish setting up your custom report:



  1. Give your new custom report a useful name.
  2. Choose the orientation of the report (horizontal/single line vs. vertical/side-by-side). For a 3-Across report, make sure to select Vertical/Side-by-Side report.
  3. You will only see this drop down menu if you are creating a side-by-side report. Choose how many listings you would like next to each other (between 2 and 4).
  4. The Customize Column Headers section lets you configure how the field headers/names appear. By default, connectMLS will choose the Short Name for all fields on the report. You can keep it that way or choose from the three other options: Long Name, System Name (the behind-the-scenes name that connectMLS uses, which can appear cryptic and possibly confusing) or Custom Name (essentially allows you to name the field whatever you'd like). You can mix and match here and choose from any/all of the columns.
  5. Click Save when you're done.


Note: there is also a check box that allows you to make your custom report the default report type (this will apply only to the type of search you ran when you began this process):



After you click Save it will display the selected listings in your new 3-Up report:



Custom reports are specific to the type of search you ran before you created the report. For instance, if you started off by doing a Land search, the custom report you create can be used for any other Land search you run, but it will not be available to use after running a SF & CO search.

To access your custom report, simple click the Modify Columns drop down menu when you are viewing your search results:



  • System Default represents the system default single line (List View) report that you are currently on.
  • Your custom reports will appear in the middle section (highlighted in orange above).
  • Edit Columns allows you to start creating a brand new custom report.




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