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connectMLS reports are very flexible and are designed to be viewed on screens of all different sizes and shapes (the entire system is built to be mobile responsive).  While viewing your search results, you can seamlessly add/remove maps, view/hide your search criteria, switch the type of report you are viewing, and a whole lot more!

One nice example of this flexibility is the Wrap to fit switch.  This feature is available when you are viewing your search results alongside a map (or alongside the Search Filters and Map).

There are three dots in the center of the screen (between the map and the listings) that allow you to manually resize the map and listings sections.  You can drag to the right to simultaneously increase the size of the map and reduce the size of the listings section, or drag to the left to shrink the map and increase the size of the listings section:


If you have used these dots to increase the size of the map to the point where the map takes up more than half of the width of your screen, you will see the Wrap to fit toggle switch appear at the top of the listings section:


When Wrap to fit is enabled, the listings will switch from being in a single line (List View) format and will display in more of a thumbnail format, so it is easier to see all of the fields without having to scroll to the right.

Here is what the listings section looks like when Wrap to fit is not enabled:


Notice the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the listings section.  You must use that scroll bar if you wanted to see all of the information in the List View (single line).

There is no need to scroll to the right to see all of the listing information when you use Wrap to fit .  All of the listing's information is right there in front of you:


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